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Welcome to The World Walking Horse Association. We want to personally say congratulations on joining the first international sound Walking Horse Association and Registry. If you have not yet joined, we encourage you to do so! The World Walking Horse Association is focused on providing you, our valued members, with the tools and resources to take your Walking Horse experience to the next level. Becoming an official WWHA member means that you have made the choice to show your support for not only the Walking Horse, but the natural walking horse industry.   

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is WWHA?
What is WWHA's stance on shoes?
What HIO's does WWHA recognize?
How do I register my horse?
How is WWHA different from HIO's?

Frequently Needed Documents

For a full list of all official WWHA Forms and Documents please click here
WWHA Membership Application WWHA 2017 Fee Schedule and Payment Worksheet
WWHA Application for Registration Points Affidavit

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World Walking Horse Association
P.O. Box 1358
Medina, OH 44258
(216) 570-3702
Please contact us at
for all questions and correspondence to be forwarded to the appropriate person.

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