DNA Typing and Parentage Verification

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DNA testing allows WWHA to obtain the genetic markers on a specific horse from a hair or blood sample to keep on file. It is most commonly done from a hair sample. Parentage verification is testing conducted to verify that the sire and dam of a specific horse are correctly identified. It involves performing DNA testing on the foal and dam, and using the DNA information on file for the sire to verify the pedigree. Parentage verification is required when a foal is produced using transported cool semen/frozen semen or embryo transfer. Parentage verification is also required for breeding and showing.
Horses required to have a DNA genetic type on file include all breeding stallions, mares bred using transported semen and donor mares in the embryo transfer program.
Horses required to have pedigree verification include all foals resulting from transported semen, or embryo transfer. 
Parentage verification is also required in other instances, such as for horses entered at the world show, or in cases where there may be a need to verify pedigree accuracy.
In addition, DNA typing is required if your horse is a stallion that is breeding mares or your horse is a mare that is being bred and was born in 1989 or later.
Parentage verification is required if your horses’s sire or dam was under the age of 2 at the time a foal was conceived; your horse was the result of embryo/oocyte transfer; your horse was conceived by the use of frozen semen or cooled semen that was transported; your horse is more then 48 months of age at the time the application for registration is received by WWHA; your horse’s dam was exposed to more than one stallion within a 30-day time period; your weanling is going to be entered into a WWHA world championship show; or the WWHA Executive Committee deems parentage verification necessary.