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The World Walking Horse Association takes the safety of our Board, Executive Board, Directors, Officers, Staff and Members very seriously. Each person that visits our website has their IP logged as well as other ISP information. Email’s that are sent to any member of our staff, are logged with the sender’s IP address and ISP provider information. This information will be turned over to local authorities and/or state or government officials when needed. Please be respectful when contacting a member of our staff.

The World Walking Horse Association (WWHA) is a world wide breed association and registry. We are a sound and natural alternative for the future of the Walking Horse. We created the World Walking Horse Association because many have grown concerned about the viability and success of the Walking Horse breed. The Walking Horse industry as a whole has suffered through the actions of a small percentage who support an artificial division, the padded performance, as the pinnacle of the breed. The World Walking Horse Association is committed to not only promoting the natural versatility of this wonderful breed, but protecting and preserving it as well. NWHA, FOSH, and WHOA HIOs are Horse Industry Organizations that are focused on the promotion of the Walking Horse in competition. They are charged with providing DQP services for horse shows. These are not breed associations or registries. While some programs within the Show Divisions may be the same the main WWHA programs are not included in what they offer. The WWHA is very grateful for Sound HIO organizations such as these for the commitment they have given in promoting a sound Walking Horse.
Yes, the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ & Exhibitors’ Association sued the National Walking Horse Association on the claims of trademark infringement, unfair competition, trademark dilution and intentional interference with business relations. The court found each of these four claims were without merit and dismissed them in their entirety. TWHBEA’s remaining claim of copyright infringement was decided by Summary Judgment in January 2007, when the court held that TWHBEA’s registry, registry certificates and registration numbers are protected by copyright. NWHA admitted use of the certificates to obtain pedigree information. For this infringement, the court assessed statutory damages against NWHA in the amount of $31,000 and enjoined NWHA from soliciting or referring to the “TWHBEA Registry,” “TWHBEA Certificates” or “TWHBEA Registration Numbers” through any applications or websites. This ruling does not prohibit NWHA from using pedigree information nor does it negatively impact the NWHA Tracking Registry. The Court ruled that NWHA is not enjoined from requesting pedigree information from a horse owner. The court was emphatically plain in stating the injunction does not extend to facts of a horse’s pedigree, name, markings or color. A horse owner may provide and NWHA may request pedigree information. This ensures owners’ rights to use their own horses pedigree, name, color or markings.
No, the World Walking Horse Association will not have a Padded Performance Division. One of our biggest goals is the promotion of a Sound and Natural Walking Horse. With the scientific research that has been done, we feel that having this type of division would be counter productive to accomplishing that goal. In addition, WWHA does not offer points to horses with heavily weighted shoes (requiring bands), nor are horses under age 3 eligible for under saddle points (they may however earn points in hand).
The WWHA has a Board of Directors and an Executive Committee. The Board of Directors are in place to help with the formation of the World Walking Horse Association. They are responsible for approving budgets for each program as well as approving expenditures over a set amount. The WWHA Executive Committee consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Executive Committee is charged with all day to day operations of the World Walking Horse Association. In addition, a Leadership Committee assists with specific programs or needs within the organization. For more detailed information please contact Mindy Lightner via email at mlightner@worldwha.org .
DNA typing is required for all breeding animals, and for all Alternative Registry applicants. Our DNA typing is done using hair samples from the mane or tail– no blood draw is required. Eventually, parentage verification will be implemented.
No. The World Walking Horse Association is open to anyone who would like to join. We have designed many different levels of memberships, and certain programs like our horseback riding and Ambassadorship programs are open to everyone, regardless of horse ownership.
Yes! Registration is open to all Walking Horses. WWHA offers reciprocal registration, new registration, and alternative registration for Walking Horses. Our reciprocal registration process evaluates the percentage of Walking Horse genetics in any given horse, so spotted saddle horses and mountain horses may also be eligible. However, you must be a member to register a horse with the World Walking Horse Association.
No. When you register a horse, the named listed on file associated with your membership number will be placed on the papers.
It is an opportunity for horses that have either lost their papers or failed to be registered with other approved associations to become registered with the WWHA based upon a DNA breed identification test. Owners of these horses must submit a DNA kit request form, return the DNA kit along with 30-50 tail hairs, and then upon receipt of DNA breed confirmation, complete a registration application for WWHA. The Alternative Registry horses are eligible for the same programs as our regular registry horses.